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Bonded and Insured

Welcome to Sunset Office Cleaning

Looking for an office cleaning service big enough to do a quality professional job, yet small enough to care about the unique needs of your building?


As a trusted name in Sioux Falls office cleaning, it is our #1 goal to set clear, achievable expectations and then exceed them.

Consistent Clean

We achieve this with our unique 3-STEP APPROACH to office cleaning. THE CONSULTATION - We begin with an in-person visit and needs assessment of your office. THE CLEANING PLAN AND CHECKLIST - Using the information gathered from our visit we create a cost-effective, custom-tailored cleaning plan and checklist specifically designed for your business and expectations. This step ensures each of your unique office cleaning needs are addressed. THE WORK - We provide world-class, professional cleaning, as well as service all of your floor care needs — scrubbing, buffing, stripping, waxing and carpet cleaning. Each time we work, we fill out your custom-tailored cleaning checklist. This checklist is left on your property and is available for your review at any time. This step ensures cleaning tasks are completed consistently and that you have a record of work performed.

Reliable, Well-trained Staff

Besides passing a rigorous background check, each employee must complete written, verbal and hands on training in our high standards of cleaning and customer service. After successfully completing training, expectations are clearly defined with your custom Sunset Office Cleaning checklist, with ongoing quality inspections, and with regular supervisor feedback. These steps, combined with the chance for performance incentives for outstanding work, keep staff motivated and ensures they're fully prepared to serve your needs in a highly professional manner.

Guaranteed Quality

Our work is GUARANTEED, and we are insured and bonded. Because of our unique 3-step approach, and our high training standards, we can take pride in fully meeting your needs, and any special needs of your facility. Our highly trained managers perform ongoing Quality Inspections using your custom Sunset Office Cleaning checklist to ensure we are meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Longtime Local Business

We are locally owned/operated, and our Sioux Falls pride runs deep. We are big enough to have the staff and industrial-quality equipment to service large offices, yet small enough to care about your unique needs. Clients throughout Sioux Falls, and the surrounding region, have trusted Sunset Office Cleaning since 1989. You can too.

Our work is GUARANTEED, and we are insured and bonded.get a free estimate

We only send reliable, well-trained staff to your business. Our team members will fill-out a cleaning checklist every time they clean that is left for your review. We perform criminal history checks on all employees, and we have been servicing the Sioux Falls area since 1989.